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From Jinhua Garland Co., Ltd in 1995 to Zhejiang J&C Cosmetics Co., Ltd in 2018, we focused on cosmetics for more than 20 years.Jinhua Garland Co.,Ltd is China's largest OEM export factory for nail polish. For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on building a first-class professional cosmetics factory integrating R&D, development and production.

J&C Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has a 13,000 square meter makeup factory. The company has introduced a full set of Korean formula and new product development technology. It has a Korean-imported automatic lipstick silicone film filling machine, as well as the most advanced tunnel cooling lipstick production-line in China, and a Korean imported powder machine., fully automatic and semi-automatic powder press, automatic dispenser and automatic nail polish filling machine and other domestic first-class makeup production equipment.

Focus on nail polish and accessory products!
Construction area
Our advantage
We have a strong R&D team and the most advanced production and testing equipment
  • Our company has nearly 800 production personnel and more than 50 management personnel. Among them, middle and senior production management personnel are all from cosmetics foreign-funded enterprises.
  • So far, our R&D center has mastered 5,000 world-class cosmetics, of which more than 2,000 have been formed.
  • We view quality as the first production line of the company. We have a monitoring team of nearly 50 people. Our product quality has been carefully screened and strictly controlled to ensure that each manufactured product would be the most optimal.
  • We have advanced microbes, heavy metal gas chromatographs and other testing equipment.
  • Besides, it has passed a series of certifications such as IOS 22716, GMP, SA8000, and meet the requirements of the US FDA, European EEC standards.


In the future, we will be committed to becoming the best OEM brand in China.
Introduce and transform our brand from China into the world!
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