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Vision: Committed to becoming the most professional makeup factory in China
Company Culture
Reputation, win-win, family
For employees:
We uphold the positioning of small businesses, big families, and all work in accordance with regulations, strict requirements. Everyone in life is a family. As much as possible, every employee cares about meticulousness and harmony.
For customers:
Always maintain the most intimate service, provide the best quality products to customers, let each of our products become art, so that every consumer who uses our products has the best experience.
For suppliers:
Suppliers are the most solid foundation for enterprise development. Cooperation and win-win, and maintaining the best reputation are our consistent principles.
Our slogan: details determine success or failure
Company development history and ultimate goal
Jialong Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, when 15 employees
In 2012, it moved into a new factory, specializing in nail polish and ancillary products, with 200 employees, becoming the largest OEM export factory in China.
In 2018, Jiachen Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established to fully upgrade the production of makeup cosmetics.
Dual brand strategy: In the future, we will strive to become the best OEM brand in China and have our own brand at home and abroad.
Our mission: to get the best results from every Johnson's participation
To us five years later
Constantly explore new sales models, make full use of the future network marketing methods, expand channels through multiple channels, and actively introduce a partner system to reduce talents.
Constantly explore new employee incentives, implement the shareholding reform plan of the company's core personnel in stages, and let employees who have an important role in the company's development have shares. It is our ultimate goal to enjoy the dividend of the company while working hard.
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