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Daily makeup tutorial for beginners

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Day makeup is also called life makeup and light makeup, and is used for general daily life and work. Day makeup often appears in daylight conditions, and must be done under daylight when making up. The makeup color should be light and elegant, naturally coordinated, and try not to reveal makeup marks.
The first is to know before makeup:
1. Are you over 16 years old? (This is the minimum requirement. It will not work for one month. Because I used to ask for 18 years old.) 2. I don't recommend using cheap cosmetics and skin care products because they will make your skin rotten and bad. ... So, can your economy bear some expenses? (I am not asking you to buy luxury goods... I don’t want to make you greedy and ruin your face...)
3, make-up is not just a simple eyeliner, there are a variety of lotions or something, do not just wash your face and put the cosmetics on the face, the skin is very harmful.
4, I have always felt that the highest level of makeup is to make up the makeup but not to see it. Of course, you can make heavy makeup on specific occasions, but go out every day and go out with a smoked red lipstick.
The following basic articles. The foundation includes: cleansing → toner → lotion → mask (can be omitted) → isolation (this step must be, whether you use foundation or bb cream, you have to use) → liquid foundation (BB cream) Oh, forgot to say above, because I will introduce some of the things I usually use, so, think that I am advertising, please go out and turn right. The first is cleansing. There are two types of cleansing products, one is cleansing mousse and the other is facial cleanser. The application of facial cleanser in our lives is more extensive than that of cleansing mousse because it has better cleansing power. The cleansing mousse is already a foam-like form that is suitable for lazy people. Because cleansing is the beginning of makeup, so, we try to choose a style that is not dry after washing. For example, adding essence in facial cleanser, etc., in short, it is not dry and not tight after washing. Below is the toner. Toner is recommended to use a cotton pad on your face and absorb it well.
There are two common problems with toners on the market:
1, the absorption is too slow, resulting in a clear coating for a long time, the face still feels sticky.
2, some toners have a secondary cleaning function, and the moisturizing effect of this kind of toner is also normal... We choose toner, try to choose a product with better moisturizing function, because the moisturizing water is used by us to make makeup bottom, if If the skin is very dry, it will not be easy to apply makeup. It may also eat makeup or even remove powder... In fact, I think the essence and toner are essentially the same, because when I mix cosmetics, the essence and toner are the only ones. The difference lies in the thickener...so my essence and toner are just the same, everyone can also enter, and then see which one is more suitable for you.
Emulsion is indispensable as a cosmetic foundation and a moisturizing skin. If the lotion you bought is very sticky and sticky on your face, put it in the winter. If the lotion you bought is too fragrant, then throw it away and the flavor is too much. If the lotion you buy absorbs quickly, and after 10 minutes the skin is still slippery, and even a little white sign (just a little bit), then congratulations, choose a good lotion. Many sisters will mention creams. In my experience, the difference between creams and lotions is thickeners. Thickeners can control moisture, so oily skin dry skin lotion, winter lotion summer cream still makes sense. Emulsion (cream) moisturizing focuses on the amino acid moisturizers in the formula and various biological extracts and bioactive ingredients. These things are maintenance of fine water, and quickly whiten... I can’t help but doubt...
Isolation cream... Many sisters around me will tell me that my liquid foundation (BB cream) clearly has an isolation effect! Then I don't need a cream, is it good? My answer is, no. We don't know what is in the cosmetics, so use it, insurance. This is a truth with the gatekeeper. Would you keep your door open because you have never met the thief... Or, I have seen people who have problems with liquid foundation (BB cream), But I have never seen anyone who has problems with the cream.
Below is the bb cream and foundation solution. Bb cream and liquid foundation are used to conceal and brighten skin, but they are still different. Liquid foundation, concealer effect is weak, because it is thin, but the liquid foundation can be used to polish the effect. If you have already entered the liquid foundation, you can put in a concealer. Bb cream, to put it plainly, is to add skin care products on the basis of liquid foundation, and the concealing effect is better. Concealing well means that it is thicker, it may be a bit stuffy, the oily skin girl will even take off makeup, so no matter which one is used, isolation and moisturizing are important... The following is the use of bb cream and liquid foundation. I don't support the girls who finished the process with a few smears. First, although it is fast, you will find that such a wipe will lead to dissatisfaction of makeup, and even death and whiteness. This is no problem, the focus is the second point, so it is easy to wipe into the pores! The power is terrible...
1, with a hand to shoot This is still different from the wipe, this method is suitable for a patient with time and patience. Squeeze the bean-sized bb cream (liquid foundation), then gently pat it with your hands until it spreads, absorbs, and obeys. This way, you don’t have to worry about pores, and you don’t have to worry about dead white.
2, sponge puff This method, heavy recommendation! The benefits are as follows: After using the sponge puff, make the liquid foundation (BB cream) very fine and evenly coated, with concealer, you can achieve the same perfect and fine Barbie! After using the sponge puff, you don't have to worry about the pores. Because the sponge has an adsorption force, the powder does not fall off and is swept into the pores during the application.
3, painting Some bb cream or liquid foundation, you can take the size of the soybeans on the face, and then use the animal hair brush to evenly brush, the brush is suitable for more technical sisters, because, accidentally swept into the pores. Although the makeup is as delicate as it is, the newcomer recommends sponge puff! The beginning of makeup is almost the same, have you learned it? Large pores and oily skin, you can put a layer of lard ointment, oil control and invisible pores!
Japanese makeup routine
(1) Cleansing: First clean the face with facial cleanser and water.
(B) lotion, moisturizer: easy to remove makeup under the sun, must use astringent lotion before makeup, and then apply a suitable moisturizer.
(3) Emulsion: It is advisable to use an emulsion for the makeup of the day. The oil content should not be too large, and a water-soluble emulsion can be used.
(4) Correction liquid, correction foundation: used to adjust the color of the skin, suitable for daily makeup use, convenient and fast, the person with yellow complexion uses purple foundation to make the skin appear white; the green foundation can be used as a cover for red blood skin. .
(5) Liquid foundation: It is suitable for people with good skin quality. It can also be partially masked. The dosage should be less, it should be thin, the spots with severe spots and the highlights can be applied twice, and the skin with dry skin or severe spots should be Use a foundation cream.
(6) Make-up: Use a brush to pick up a small amount of loose powder or use a powder to make a thin makeup on the entire face, especially on the cheeks and eyes. Loose powder should be less, should be thin.
(7) Eye shadow: People with good eye structure can use a single eye shadow to smudge. Use eye shadow brush to take a small amount of eye shadow color, gently smudge from the outer corner of the upper eyelid to the inner corner of the eye, and then use a clean big eye shadow brush to smudge the position on the edge line of the eyeball.
(8) Eyeliner: People with thick eyelashes can not draw eyeliner. People with poor eyelashes can choose the appropriate eyeliner, draw the upper and lower eyeliner, and then use the eyebrow brush to darken the eye shadow. Makes the eyeliner a dense and sensation of eyelashes.
(9) Eyebrows: For those with good eyebrows, just use a little eyebrow brush to take a small amount of dark eyeshadow and brush the eyebrows. If the eyebrows are in poor condition, use a dark eye shadow to brush it again. The missing eyebrows should be used with an eyebrow pencil. Draw in the direction of eyebrow growth.
(10) Lipstick: The lipstick color of the daily makeup should not be bright, try to be close to the lip color. You can use a powdery matte lipstick. After drawing the lip shape, use a lip brush to smear a single lipstick, or apply a small amount of light lip. oil.
(11) Eyelashes: People with good eyelash conditions can use the colorless mascara to brush it again; those with poor eyelashes should first bend the eyelash curler up, then brush the mascara 2~3 times to make the eyelashes bend upwards. It enhances the three-dimensionality and charm of the eyes.
(12) Rouge: People with good face and skin color can not brush rouge. When using brush, use rouge brush. Choose light red rouge. The dosage should be less and less. It is very natural and seems to have no feeling.
I feel that I am not beautiful enough, it doesn't matter, make-up! I feel that my temperament is not good enough, it doesn't matter, make-up! I feel that I am not confident enough, it doesn't matter, make-up! What else is the problem that makeup can't solve? Make-up can make beauty more beautiful, and it can make beautiful ones beautiful.
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